Crabgrass control as with most weeds you have two options. Pre-emergent before the weeds seed germinates and post emergent after the weed has germinated and is visible.

Pre-Emergent  Crabgrass Control

Corn gluten meal is very effective at controlling crabgrass. It needs to by apply as early as weather allows in the Spring for effective control. With any application of corn gluten meal it is best if it gets watered in after applying.  In order to control this grassy weed you must apply at least 20 lbs of the product per 1000 square feet for best result. Repeated spring applications will have the best results at controlling this weed.

Post Emergent Crabgrass Control

After the crabgrass is established there are only couple options you have to control it. One way and the most effective is to pull the weeds out manually if you do not have many. The other is to use a non selective herbicide like horticultural vinegar and spray only the crabgrass. Horticultural vinegar will harm the lawn as well so be careful spraying this product.  Once the grass is killed or removed you will want to top-dress and over-seed  this area to help thicken the lawn.

Application of gypsum along the driveway and sidewalks right before winter will help manage this weed  problem.