landscape maintenance programs

Hassle & Worry Free Maintenance

MacLawn has many landscape maintenance  programs options for our residential and commercial clients. All  of our maintenance programs can be customized and personalized to your individual property . Also don’t forget that we have an excellent natural health supplement that we provide. It is natural and very effective. If you would like to see if it is right for you, you can Review Here.

We offer a  weekly mowing and edging option for today’s busy homeowner. For those of you that still like to cut your lawn  but  find the flower bed to much work.We offer a flower bed maintenance program for you..

The most popular maintenance program is our all inclusive program that covers all aspects of your landscape. The features of this program is listed below :

Landscape Maintenance Programs

landscape maintenance programs from MacLawn

Personalized and Customized Programs

Spring Cleanup
Season Long Mowing and Edging
Flower Bed Cleanup and Maintenance
Pruning of all Shrubs
Garden Tilling ( if Needed)
Beds Mulched
Fall Cleanup
Winter Protection
Planting of Flowers/Trees  and Shrubs
Prestige Lawn Care program is included