Lawn care program customization

Healthy soil = Healthy Lawn

MacLawn has developed two of the best lawn care programs available in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge area. The most popular program is  the Prestige program . A soil test is done with this program which automatically customizes the program to your lawn. Soil more than any other factor  will determine the success of a lawn care program. A soil test is taken and sent off to a  lab for analysis. The results shows us what the lawn needs or has to much of and our program is designed around this information giving you the most bang for the dollar spent on your lawn care program.


Prestige Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program at work

Healthy Lawn

Soil Test
Monthly Visits (7)
Season Long Weed Management
Season Long Crabgrass Management
Crack and Crevice Weed Control
Supplemental Nutrients

Elite Lawn Care Program

Four Visits
Weed Management (3 X a year)
Crabgrass Weed Management

Lawn care programs can be safe

Safe for Pets

Insect Control

Insect control is outside our programs due to the strict watering guidelines that are required when nematodes are used. Nematodes require a homeowner to water the day before, the day of the application and they require the lawn to be kept moist for 2 weeks after application.We at Maclawn will work with the homeowner to resolve any insect problems that arise.