Grey Snow Mold

Snow Mold


Snow mold could be very noticeable this year because of the large amount of snow we received this year. It is usually found along driveways and walkways where the snow has been piled, but can be found anywhere on the lawn. Snow mold is a fungus and a turf disease that appears after the melting snow. There are two types gray and pink . Gray snow mold is less damaging to turf and tends to damage the grass blades only while pink snow mold  is the more damaging of the two and can destroy the grass plants crowns and roots.

It  looks like dead and matted patches of grass circular in nature and can cover a large area if the outbreak is severe. You can find both pink and grey snow mold in the same area. Generally you do not have to do anything and the turf will recover in time. A light raking in the effected area can speed up the lawn drying out and can help control the disease. If the lawn is damage by the snow mold than over-seeding in the Spring will be necessary.

Snow Mold Prevention

Preventing this disease  is a pretty easy process and starts in the fall heading into winter. You must make sure your lawn gets its final cut and all leaves and debris is off the grass. Also be careful of  using an excessive amount of nitrogen on the turf in the fall as this can promote the disease.

For more information about snow mold and turf diseases in general follow this link: turf diseases.